The structure of the breeding are composed of a central body including a shed and a building with 25 new-built boxes which have been constructed using the most efficient techniques. In addition to the personnel house, in residency at the breeding 24 hours, a six horses walking and a covered lunging ring have been built for tames and the training of the yearlings. An electronic scale is used monthly in order to assure a correct development and a balanced personalized diet for the horses.

The paddocks have been realized by using technically suitable structures in order to avoid accidents. In order to prevent stranger animals (dogs, wild animals us etc…) to enter the fencings, external protections are provided through the property. The land is sandy without pebbles and with good drainage also during the periods of intense rain. Moreover, the land is irrigated by using an electronic system connected to our natural small lake. This lake is fed by rich water vein that allow us to water the land throughout the whole season.